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Policies - Dog Play Zone

​General Guide

  • Only dogs but no other animals should enter the dog play zone. 

  • Walk-in only and first-come-first-serve while occupancy is full. 

  • In order to provide a roomy setting for dogs and their owners to enjoy, capacity is applied and is subject to change without further notice. 

  • One (1) ticket for one (1) dog, with a maximum of two (2) persons. 

  • Each owner can bring no more than two (2) dogs at the same time.

  • Young children, toddlers and babies are not recommended for safety reasons. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


Owner’s Responsibilities

  • Dog play zone is not for daycare purposes, please DO NOT leave your dog unattended at all times. 

  • Remain your dog on leash until inside the off-leash area. Keep the leash readily available to control your dog if needed. 

  • Please clean up after your dog immediately. Poop bag should be used for dog waste and to be disposed in a designated dog waste bin.

  • Potty trays and pee pads are equipped at the play zone, but unlike outdoor parks, it's the owner's responsibility to clean up if your dog urinates on the floor. Please use the provided mop for this purpose.

  • Eating is not allowed inside the dog play zone. You may go to the waiting lounge if you would like to eat (bring your dog along). 

  • Do not feed other dogs unless permission is granted by the owner(s).

  • Please assist in upkeeping the facilities for the enjoyment of everyone.

Dog's Behaviour

  • Always keep an eye on your dog when playing at the dog play zone. Also be alert to other dogs’ reactions so as to respond swiftly to any unexpected situation. 

  • Remaining your dog on-leash and jogging around the play zone could be a good idea for your dog to warm up, calm down or get familiar with the environment.  

  • Never use visits to the dog play zone to socialize an aggressive dog. It rarely resolves the problem. Instead, it puts other dogs and people at risk. Seek our dog trainer’s advice before attending the play zone. 

  • Barking is completely normal for dogs, especially when they are having fun. But consistent/ excessive barking could be disruptive to others at the shop, grooming room, training classes and in the neighborhood. We ask for your cooperation and reasonably control your dog when it happens. If you have any concern, you may seek advice from our dog trainer.



  • All dogs must be on their valid DHP and rabies vaccinations when they come to the dog play zone. Bodertella vaccine is recommended. Puppies must have completed their three (3) shots and rabies vaccinations. A copy of valid vaccination record is required at your dog’s first visit. 

  • Vaccinations must be taken at least 48 hours before attending the play zone.

  • If your pet is not feeling well, or has infectious disease, please visit your veterinarian and come to the play zone after full recovery.



  • Deep cleaning and sanitization are undertaken every day before and after the play zone opens. Regular cleaning is scheduled in between each session. 

  • Please do not hesitate to seek our assistance if cleaning is needed. 



To safeguard the safety and well-being of all our dog customers, the following types of dogs are not allowed to the dog play zone. 

  • Puppies under 12 weeks of age

  • Unneutered/ Unspayed dogs 

  • Female dogs in heat or during pregnancy 

  • Dogs showing signs of aggressive behavior

  • Dog(s) classified as "Dangerous Dog" by-laws and breed specific legislation in B.C. For "Dangerous Dog" classification, please click.

We reserve the right to refuse/ remove any dog(s) from the dog play zone immediately on our sole discretion and without giving any reason(s). 

Please note that the policy is subject to change without notice.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Have a happy play time! 

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