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At BE Pawtique, we value both physical and mental well-being for our beloved pets. Hence, we endeavor to provide a holistic range of pet services to ensure their optimal care and pampering. 

  • Strive to offer top notch quality and the highest level of customer satisfaction,

  • Provide professional and all-round pet care advices,

  • Adopts fear-free and force-free grooming philosophy,

  • Adopts positive reinforcement training philosophy,

  • Relaxing ambience and schedule to allow patient work and minimized waiting time for the pets,

  • Professional dog trainer to assist with any grooming challenges that dogs may encounter,

  • On-site dog play zone for first-time puppies or anxious grown-ups to warm up and build positive associations before or after grooming,

  • Thoughtfully selected products that we have personally used and wholeheartedly recommend. ​​

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